Cast Iron Transformaton

I am a big fan of cast iron décor items.  Hooks, signs, grates – it doesn’t matter!  I like it in the typical black or rust colour but sometimes I like to change it up a bit.


I had this sign in my bathroom for many years.  When I put up a new mirror though, it had to come down.  Then it sat for quite a while waiting for a new home.  Recently, I decided to give it a paint job and hang it above the window in my bathroom.  The hooks won’t have much of a purpose above the window but I’m ok with that.


I started by spray painting it a matte white.  Now I often use beeswax as a sealer on things that I paint but I wanted more of an antique feel this time.


I experimented by mixing a little bit of wax with a splash of walnut stain.

IMG_3110 water

I used a rag and an old toothbrush to apply the wax and then rub it off.  I left it in the crevices to give it an aged appearance.


I really like the way it turned out.  I will wait until the wax hardens (if it hardens) and then put it up.  I’ll let you know if it doesn’t quite work out the way I hope it will!

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