A New Floor and a New Ab Workout

We have hardwood in our kitchen and dining room.  It is a lower grade oak that has wonderful character.  It has all sorts of different patterns of wood grain.  Our living room is on its second round of carpeting since we moved here over 23 years ago and it’s time to replace it again.  This time it is getting some hardwood.  Yay!


We are going to use the same oak as in the kitchen and dining room.  I’m really looking forward to it.  The carpet is so stained and worn looking.

On another topic, I’ve started a 24 day ab routine and I’m about half way through.  I saw it on Facebook quite awhile ago and have stayed pretty faithful to it.  Unfortunately, my abs have a layer of padding as well but I’m back on the treadmill again and using my bowflex so hopefully that will help.

Anyone else have a workout they would care to share?

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2 thoughts on “A New Floor and a New Ab Workout

  1. Glenn Schmidt

    Hi Michele,

    Wow, can I give you information on workouts…lol

    I never had to worry about my weight until after 35. From there is was all downhill, so I have tried a lot of different thing and still continue.

    First step in weight loss is reducing calories. Not an easy thing to do. You can count calories or try a diet. If you want to count calories you should down load my fitness pal for your smart phone. This is an awesome app that helps you track your calorie intake and calories burned. It also helps you establish how many calories you should be eating. One of the cool features about the app is you can scan bar codes on food to find out the calories and import ingredients. It has a huge data base of food people have already entered, so even when you eat out, a lot of the time you can find it in the data base.

    If you are interested in a diet Lisa and I were most succesful on the South Beach Diet. The main concept of a lot of newer diets is really to reduce carbohydrate intake, which I think is a lot of our problem these days. We all eat to many carbs, but those seem to be what tantalize our paler the most.

    With the South Beach diet we did Insanity, which is a 60 day program. Just a dvd player, an exercise mat and lots of open space is required. With the South Beach Diet and Insanity I lost over 25 lbs and Lisa lost over 30 lbs.

    Body for life is another exercise and diet program. The diet is along the same line as a South Beach Diet. The nice thing about the book is it provides some excellent tips on exercising.

    One of the key components that helps with weigh loss is muscle building. I know women don’t want big muscles, but as they do not have as much testosterone as men they do not build huge muscles like men. Joyce Vedral has an excellent workout program in ‘Bottoms Up’, but it requires some free weight and a workout bench. She also explains why women don’t build muscles like men.

    I hope this helps. I know it is a continuous battle and there are always lots of ups and downs. The key is just keep working at it until you develop new habits. This is a big challenge though, as I still have not quite developed those new habits….lol There always seem to be food we can’t resist. Being in Douala has helped, as it is all new food and eliminates a lot of temptation. The bigger problem is when we travel, as we tend to indulge more now than we should. A viscous circle, but such is life 🙂

    Wish you all the best,


    1. the general store Post author

      Thanks so much for all of your ideas Glenn! I have a few different things that I am doing but it is always great to get more information on things that really work!

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