Magazine Storage

I have to confess that I really enjoy a good cottage style decorating magazine.  I will usually tear out the pages with ideas I want to try or overall inspirational homes.  Or, if an issue is almost totally my style, I will save the whole thing.  Of course, this can be an organizational problem as magazines start to accumulate so it is important to find storage solutions.  And of course, they must be attractive!



I purchased these inexpensive wood magazine holders a few months ago and finally got around to doing something with them.  I painted them with a couple of coats of my favorite ‘milk jug’ paint colour and then stenciled numbers on them.  The numbers don’t mean anything but they add a decorative touch.


I really like how they turned out.  I have a couple more to do but I will think it over first and decide if I want paint them the same or do something different.

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