Home Projects Galore!

I have all kinds of projects going on in my life right now!  My husband has some time to check some items off the list so he is going full throttle.  I’m trying to keep up with all the decisions to be made.

He has been working on a few of those tasks that need to be done to really finish up a project .  He built a frame around a vent for our furnace.  Check!  I will be painting it to match the wall colour once I am sure I know what that will be.

IMG_3613We did some renos in our kitchen last spring and never quite completed some finishing details.  Because of a change in countertop heights we needed to fill in a gap with a piece of cherry.  Check!


The reno included replacing our ancient oven.  It had a drawer attached at the bottom so my hubby had to build one to replace it.  Check!  I will need to put a finish on it.


The biggest project is pulling up our living room carpet and replacing it with hardwood.


The living room is just about empty and the carpet should be pulled up this evening or tomorrow.    We are also going to change the wall colour to my beloved ‘milk jug’.  On a side note, it is crazy how much “stuff” we have in our living room!


So at the moment my house is a disaster but I am focusing on the end result.  Most of the time…

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3 thoughts on “Home Projects Galore!

    1. the general store Post author

      No the brick will stay bright white. Milk jug is a little off of white so there is a subtle difference. I don’t know why I am craving light and bright so much! But I’m afraid milk jug it is!

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