One Thing Leads To Another!

The living room floor is done!  Yay!


Over the weekend we painted the walls and are putting everything back together.  The baseboard needs to be finished and this has lead to a change in plans.  Our house is old and nothing is level including the living room floor.  With carpet you can fudge some things but with hardwood not so much.  Hubby spent considerable time leveling it out before the hardwood went in but there is still a problem.  We will have to add a quarter round moulding to the baseboard to cover any gaps.


When you see the new hardwood and the hardwood in the dining room beside it you can see that the colour is very different.  The old floor was finished with polyurethane and as oil based products have been discontinued we had to change to a different product.  In the photo you can see the new finish on the top, a bit of the sanded floor and then the old finish.  At first we thought we could live with the old for awhile but now have decided to refinish the rest of the hardwood in the dining room and kitchen.


My plan is to put the living room back together as much as possible and then we will tape off the room and do the other floors.  I am appreciating the few days of renovating respite in between!

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