Cabin Progress

Saturday was a day of accomplishment.  My hubby and I spent Friday night at our cabin and then worked the next day on projects.  I finished painting the hall the same yellow as the kitchen.  It looks nice and bright and clean now.


Hubby put a new window in the living room.  The previous one had a broken pane of glass so we replaced it with a picture window.  It looks so huge without the divisions in the glass of the old one!


Earlier in the week I had painted 2 walls of the living room with a light blue that I will also use in the bedroom.  When the window replacement is finished I will finish the last wall.


We are trying to take it one step at a time and not feel pressured to complete all of the plans we have for the cabin in a ridiculous amount of time.  It can be tough to turn off the “get it done” button though!

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