Projects Update

About a month ago I put together a list of some of the projects we have in the works. We have been busy and some of the list is completed or nearly so.

The shed has been moved. As you can see, the overhead door has suffered from a couple of moves so we (meaning hubby) are going to rebuild that front wall. It also needs to be sided due to hail damage a few years ago.


I painted a couple more of the magazine holders and stenciled on the numbers “5” and “6”.


The cabin window has the trim back in place. It needs to be touched up with paint once the weather cooperates. On a side note, we love those Adirondack chairs! They are inexpensive but so comfortable!


The artwork has been hung in the cabin. I’m a big fan of hanging several pieces of art together and I really like how this grouping turned out!


The bedroom in the cabin has been painted. I need to paint the window trim that you see white but I can do that without the room being in total disarray. The light switches and receptacles have been switched to white as well.


The tile at the door thresholds has been grouted. We had some fir doors that we used in the cabin but they were a different size than the original ones. We didn’t have any floor tile to replace the ones we had to pull up so we did this mosaic instead. I gotta say I am a fan of the look!


The wainscot in the living room is installed. I need to put a finish on it still.


The quilt top for the cabin bedroom is done and has been left in the capable hands of our church quilting ladies. I’m looking forward to the end result!

Whew! And we still have more to do!

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