Osoyoos Days 4 and 5

Day 4 was a rainy day with a little bit of sun.  We drove in the truck to visit the local Home Hardware, the Visitor’s Center and a grocery store.  We had some sun in the afternoon to enjoy but the rain drove us inside for a couple of movies later in the day.  And for a yummy steak and shrimp dinner cooked by Les.


Day 5 was a much nicer day though again it alternated between cloud and sun.  We spent the day on the bike travelling more of the local roads and going up the east side of the lakes.  Our first stop was Haynes Point Provincial Campground in Osoyoos.  This view is from the park looking toward town.


Everywhere in the area the hills had these lovely yellow flowers.  I don’t know if they are wildflowers or noxious weeds but the are beautiful!


Our next stop was Tickleberry’s in Okanagon Falls.  They make fudge on site and have a few other goodies.  I’m afraid we indulged.


When we got to Penticton we promptly got lost and decided to stop for lunch and directions.  I remembered that my phone had a map feature and we were soon on our way to some orchard country.  I don’t know why I never remember my phone has maps until we get good and lost!


You can only go so far on that side of the lakes so we took a roundabout route back down to Osoyoos.  There is some gorgeous ranch country in that area.


We came across this fellow on one of our stops.  Anyone know what he is?


I took this at a stop above Osoyoos in the late afternoon on our way back to camp.  Ahhhhh.


Tomorrow we head to the USA.

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