Osoyoos Day 6

Day 6 started out with a sunny sky.  Though there was a bit of rain in the forecast, we decided to venture south across the border into Washington.  The border is only a few minutes from Osoyoos and we crossed easily.

The orchards continued as we followed the road to Wenatchee.  One of our rest stops was the Wells Dam which displayed a turbine.  It was huge!


The route followed along the Columbia River for a quite a ways.  It truly is spectacular!


We had talked about going to Leavenworth before we had left for the trip but it was weather and rest dependant.  We decided to go for it and though it made for a long day, I was so glad that we did.  In the 60’s the town decided to decorate with a Bavarian theme and the end result is worth seeing.  The first photo is of the local Starbucks.



On the way back to Osoyoos we stopped at an antiques shop and found a few treasures.  At a fuel stop we saw this truck selling bundles of cherry wood for firewood.  It is mind boggling for those of us in the lumber industry, at least in Alberta.


We had a bit of rain but mostly sun for the day and it was a great ride.  The next stop is Revelstoke.

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