Vacation Treasures

I thought I would share the “treasures” we picked up on our day trip into Washington.

In Leavenworth we stopped at a copper shop where they make many different items with, you guessed it, copper.  We are fans of the patina copper gets as it ages outside.


We selected a birdhouse on which they had applied an artificial patina.  We still really liked it and maybe someday it will develop its own natural colour.



On the way home we stopped in an antiques shop and picked up some vintage blue ironstone and silver plate.


This little silver plate cream and sugar will look terrific as display items and photo props.  I don’t think I am going to polish them at this point.


The ironstone dishes mix well with the blue dishes I picked up a few weeks ago.  They are cabin bound.


The sugar bowl didn’t have a lid but that was ok with me.  It would look lovely with a single little bloom in it.



So there you go, a little handmade and a little vintage.  And it all fit in the bike!

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