Big Plans

We had big plans for our home this summer.  See this covered deck area attached to our house?  All newly pressure washed.


We rarely use it.  It is more of a walk-through area to get to our backyard.  Except for on Canada Day, when we have been known to crowd 40+ people on it when a rain storm hits.

Well, this summer we were going to take off that metal roof and replace the area with a closed in sun porch.  It was going to have a heated cement floor with French doors on the south end to open up when we had groups of people over.  Instead, this is what is happening:


Another plan was started at the cabin.  We decided that we shouldn’t park on the west side of the cabin anymore.  Instead of seeing spectacular mountain views we were looking at our vehicles.  So we decided to remove the trees and lawn on the north side and create a parking lot there.


Shouldn’t be too difficult right?


Those trees were much bigger than I thought they were.   Thankfully, we have the use of a backhoe or it would not be happening.  This year we are hoping to at least get the new parking area graveled.


And as for the room at home?  We will see what happens come fall.


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