USA Day 8 Part 3

So far on October 5th we went to the morning show of the Balloon Fiesta, we explored Old Town and we went for a bike ride.  It was already a very full day but we added one more event.  Balloon Glow.

When we returned to the Balloon Fiesta grounds the sun was getting low in the sky. We wandered around a bit, checking out some of the exhibits.  We talked to some mounted policemen, took in the chainsaw carvings and wandered through a tent all about hot air ballooning.  We stopped to chat with some Air Force recruiters as well which was a highlight.


As the sun started to set, balloons all across the field started to fill with hot air.



Once again, I was running around like a mad woman but this time with a tripod. I have to give a plug for my tripod at this point.  Instead of using the ball head with screws that you have to tighten and loosen, mine has a handle which unlocks the mechanism when you squeeze it and then holds it in place when you release it.  It was a lifesaver on this evening.  You didn’t have a lot of time to stop and compose a shot, so it was great to be able to swivel my camera around quickly.


Every now and then, all of the pilots would fire up their burners at one time and the whole field glowed. It was jaw dropping.  Really!


Les stopped at one point to help a couple of ladies who were setting up even though their crew was late. He is getting to be an expert!


The evening was truly the crowning moment of the day.


If you ever get a chance to take in this event, I would highly recommend it. Whether you are a photographer or not.

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