USA Day 15

We took the truck to Mesa Verde on day 15 of our trip.  We have found that it is easier to use the truck when we are going to be going on sightseeing walks.  Our gear just makes it too cumbersome when we take the bike.

When you arrive at Mesa Verde you find a Visitor’s Center where you can orient yourself and purchase tickets for tours if you desire.  We decided to take the tour of Cliff Palace instead of Balcony House because I am claustrophobic and the requirement of crawling through tunnels just didn’t seem wise.

After the stop at the Center we drove up onto the Mesa and into a strong wind.


It was beautiful up top but the wind and cold was crazy!  Of course, being from Alberta, we were in shorts but it was chilly even for us.  But with all of the fall colours the cold was worth it.




It takes awhile to drive from the bottom to the far end of the mesa so we made sure to arrive for our Cliff Palace tour with some time to spare.



Before the tour starts they make sure you are ok with ladders and steep stairs.



It was really fascinating to hear about the people that lived in these cliff dwellings.  It was surprising though to hear how much they don’t know about them.  Much of it is guess work from looking at modern day pueblo cultures.


Then it was back up onto the mesa and over to Spruce Tree House which you can explore on your own.


This is also another one of my favorite photos from this trip.  It is inside a kiva at Spruce Tree House.


For the rest of the day we explored the park seeing other cliff dwellings from a distance as well as checking out some excavated pit houses.



Again, this is another site worth visiting.  It is amazing what people can do with the resources they have.

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