A Little More Christmas Decor

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been gradually adding to the Christmas decorations around the house.  I like to have it up early enough that we can enjoy it for awhile.  I have a tendency to put it all away right after Christmas so it well ahead of Christmas Day.


We have 6 knit stockings that I have collected over the last few years.  We don’t have enough for our whole family as space is an issue but maybe with the new room I will remedy that and hang them out there.


I threw together this centerpiece for our table but I’m sure I will tweak it.


Our nativity sets are set up throughout the house including this one.  It is the most elaborate of all of them.  I am a stickler for painting inside the lines and whoever did this one was a master!


Even my ivy plant got a few festive accessories.


How is the decorating going at your place?


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