A New Christmas Tradition

I am big on Christmas traditions.  Homemade eggnog on Christmas Eve.  Coloured lights on the tree.  Bringing out the same decorations year after year because of all of the memories attached.  You get the idea.

A few years ago, I became part of a new tradition.  My sister and I both enjoy making handcrafted items and we have started a tradition of making wreaths a few weeks before Christmas.  We meet at one of our homes with our piles of spruce boughs and whatever other paraphernalia we can find and spend a few hours chatting and wreath making.


I made 2 this year.  Don’t you love the house wrap behind this one?  Go with what you have at the moment, right?


This one I hung on our back deck.  I used a faux burlap ribbon for the bow.


We look forward to this day every year as Christmas draws near.  Do you have any traditions you would like to share?

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