A Pompom Wreath

In early December, on Instagram and Blogland, I started seeing pompoms being used in Christmas decorating.  Now, I am not usually a pompom fan but for some reason this take on them inspired me to make my own.


I think the secret to this project is to use really fluffy yarn and in at least a couple of different textures.  These are the 2 that I used.  It took 2 skeins of one of them and 1 of the other to complete my wreath.  I used a Styrofoam form to hot glue them to.


I made the pompoms on the outer row and middle row 3 inches in diameter and the inner row 2 inches in diameter.  I used quilting rulers to wrap the yarn around rather than just my hand.  The larger ones were wrapped 60 times and the smaller 30 times.


Then I gently slid the yarn off of the ruler and tied it carefully in the middle.  I cut the edges with a sharp pair of scissors and then fluffed them, trimming any longer strands until it made a fairly uniform ball.



I laid out the pompoms as I made them to make sure that I had enough.  And once in awhile I dusted myself off because they shed like crazy!


When I had all that I needed, I started hot gluing them to the form.  I learned that you need to be careful that the glue doesn’t drip down the side of the form and glue it to the counter!  I started in the center and then worked my way out.  When I was done, I glued a braided yarn rope to the back to hang it.



Our new sunroom is under construction but I love the way the walls look in places at the moment.  So I screwed this cast iron piece on the wall and hung the wreath from it.



I’m really pleased with the results and now I’m wondering what else I could make with pompoms…


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