The Process

I don’t know about you, but I love a great still life photograph.  One that focuses on the best in something.  I don’t often photograph an object just for its beauty though I do try to capture beauty in every photo.

I found this cotton branch at the Sundre Flower Shop a couple of days ago.  It is so beautiful to me!  If you hurry you might be able to pick one up for yourself!  I thought I would take you through my process of taking a satisfying photo after you find an object and a place to photograph it.


I moved the cotton off center to begin with.  Most photos look better if the object isn’t smack dab in the middle.


I then started playing with depth of field – how much of the photo is in focus.  This photo would also need to be cropped as it has too much space around the cotton.


I was using my portrait lens but I couldn’t get close enough for the cotton to be the main subject so I switched to my macro lens.  This is much better but the focus is off.  I don’t want to highlight the stem.


I played around with the focus on the cotton ball but when I flipped it over and focused on the pod it became much more interesting.


Then I changed the angle a bit and voila!  The best so far!  This one satisfies me, at least for now!


There were several photos in between the ones I have shown you.  I rarely take a photo once and love it.  It is a process and digital cameras allow you to get the shot that you love.

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