A Sunroom Update

I hope all of you had a wonderful and warm Christmas.  We certainly did.  With 3 different celebrations to attend since Sunday, we were busy and well loved.

I thought today I would show you a brief view of our sunroom.  I think that is what we will be calling it now.  Les was working on it in the evenings and days off until about two and a half weeks ago when he did some damage to his shoulder when he slipped on some ice.  He can’t lift his arm very high so we are stalled in the construction.

This is the east side of the room.  Lots of windows to let in light including a couple of big skylights.


This is the south side.  A French door dominates this wall.  We plan on throwing it open when we have large functions and letting people move in and out freely.


This is because I am crazy about him.  And the windows were very dirty!


This is how it looks inside.  I came home one day and he had set up these 2 chairs and an electric fireplace.  It is so cozy to sit out there already!  I am looking forward to the finished product but I am content to wait and enjoy it as is for now.


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