Some Lace and a Fork

I purchased a couple of vintage placemats and a silver plate serving fork from Etsy a few weeks ago.  They were from Israel and took a little while to arrive.  I appreciate the beauty of a well made piece of cutlery and this fork did not disappoint!


I am not an expert by any means but I think anyone would appreciate the intricacy of the design on this fork.  At one point it had some gold on it as well.  There is just a touch of it left.


What I find most amazing is that the pattern on the front is of the front of a flower.


And then when you flip it over, you can see the back of the flower.  Cool!


The vintage lace on these placemats is beautiful!


I’m not positive but I think the fabric may be linen.


There is something intriguing about vintage items that are well made and can be used for many generations.    And it doesn’t hurt that they are fun to use in photographs as well!


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