I’m sure you have seen the trend of picking a word for the new year.  For 2014, I chose “gratitude” for my word.


I don’t know how successful I was at remembering it when times got tough.  2014 was a tough year emotionally in many ways.  As I alluded to a couple of weeks ago, there were many burdens to try and work through.

On that note, I have chosen my word for 2015 – “Relinquishment”.


I hold tightly to the people that I love and the institutions that are important to me.  I will try my best to keep them on track, giving everything that I am able to.  But sometimes you realize that it isn’t your place.  That you are getting in the way.  That God needs you to let go so that He can work.

Relinquishment is not a word of lost hope and defeat.  It is the choice handing the burden over to Someone greater than yourself.  It is a lesson from years ago that I had forgotten.  I am going to dust it off this year and put it into daily practice.

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