Quite some time ago, I purchased a Lensbaby Scout body and a couple of optics to go with it.  I had been interested in them for a couple of years prior to purchasing them and when a good sale came up I decided to go for it.  When they came in, I briefly played with them and then they sat in the box.

Well, I finally dug them out and decided to play some more!  I had purchased a soft focus and a fish-eye optic.  This system works totally differently than a regular lens that speaks with your camera.  You have to manually focus this lens and you use different little discs to change the aperture.

This is an example of the soft focus optic.  Unfortunately, I didn’t write down which aperture disc I used for this photo.


This is with a change in the disc.  You can see that it has a bit of the picture in focus while everything around it becomes faded and soft.


I tried the soft focus optic on a poinsettia as well.


I also tried out the fish-eye optic but didn’t last as long as I like the idea of using it outside and it was too frosty today!


Here is a view of our new sun porch.  Les is awaiting a date for shoulder surgery so it will sit until he recovers from that.


I think that these will be fun to use on my flower garden in the summer.  I will let you know!

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