Idaho Part Two

Our bike trip to Wallace, Idaho got sidetracked at the Old Mission State Park but we continued on to Wallace anyway. We stopped at a McDonalds along the highway for lunch and had a good chat with an elderly Harley Davidson fan. He had many stories and we thoroughly enjoyed them.

Wallace was the location for the movie Dante’s Peak. It is a favorite movie of mine so it was fun to see sites like the raised highway that were used in the movie.


There are quite a few antique shops in the town as well but I had filled my vintage shopping needs back at the Farm Chicks show in Spokane so we only wandered around one of them.


There are many old buildings in the town and I enjoyed the chance to photograph some of them.




This area of Idaho has many places to explore and we have barely scratched the surface, often times just passing through. We will be back.

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