The Road to Hanksville

Harley Davidson provides their members with a map book every year. And on those maps they mark their recommended rides.  We have spent a lot of time in southern Utah and we finally completed one of those rides this year.

It is very obvious why it is on their list of favorites. On April 10th we headed west of Blanding on #95 to Hanksville, completing the eastern part of the ride.


We drove through so many stunning vistas that we were constantly stopping for photos. This ride takes you through places like Fry Canyon and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.



It also goes over the Colorado River.



This was one of my favorite stops. That is the Colorado River below and you could see for miles!


We had beautiful light at the end of the day as we headed back to the trailer.


We travelled parts of this road several times over the next few days. There are a variety of things to see including ancient ruins.  I would definitely recommend this route.

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