Indian Ruins

One of our side trips during this holiday in Utah was a few days in New Mexico. We knew that it would be a longer ride on the bike so the day before we left, we did a shorter bike trip and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.  We headed back up the road from the day before to check out some Indian ruins.  (In the US they call say Indian rather than Native American)

The first stop was Butler Wash Indian Ruins. This stop required a bit of a hike up a hill to a lookout to the ruins.  Unfortunately, you couldn’t see these ones very well at that time of day.






Can you see the little gecko in that last photo?

The next stop was to Mule Canyon Indian Ruins. These ruins were beside the road.  I believe they have been restored but they do give you a good idea of what they would have looked like originally.




We met a fellow at the last stop that was very familiar with the area. He said that if you hike into canyons there are ruins all over the place.  Of course Mesa Verde in Colorado has more spectacular ruins so if you can only see one location, I would go there.  But these still made for an interesting quick trip on a sunny day.


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