Southeastern Utah

Our next day trip was amazing. Some of the most spectacular scenery from this trip.  The day didn’t have the best weather (I had to edit out some raindrops on my camera lens) but it didn’t matter one bit!

We drove in the truck because of the weather and because many of the roads we were planning on travelling were gravel.


Our first stop was Valley of the Gods. It is like a mini Monument Valley.  But wow!  It was slow going through the park because of all of the stops we needed to make to take photos.




From there we drove to Goosenecks State Park. The San Juan River winds back and forth here and it makes for an interesting vista.


From the Park we drove towards the mountains to the Moki Dugway. As you approach the cliff face it appears that the road just disappears.  In reality it is a series of switchbacks which take you up the face of the cliff.


From the top you could see for miles. It was absolutely beautiful.



I would highly recommend taking in these sights if you go to southeast Utah. I can’t believe that we have been going there for many years and haven’t visited before this trip.

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