The Toolbox

Remember this box that was in my last blog post? Way back in January?

I thought at the time that I would just put a clear finish on it. But when I rubbed on some hemp oil, it didn’t do a whole lot for the piece except emphasize some of the blemishes.  So I decided to go with trusty white.  Can you believe it?  🙂

I slopped on a couple of coats of white paint. I wasn’t very particular because I knew I wanted to distress it.

Then I took sandpaper and worked that poor box over. I believe it is made out of fir plywood so the grain on it was wonderful.  I’m not sure but that coat of hemp oil may have contributed to the amount of paint that came off.

I love the worn look. And I think this box will be really useful as well.  I popped some candles in to see how that would work.  I liked it but decided that it would be better put to use as a catch all by the door.

I think my Dad would have been happy for it to be used once again.

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