USA Days 2 and 3

On September 26 we left Radium and headed across the border to Spokane.  This is a picture of our truck and trailer at the campground at Radium.  Isn’t it pretty there?  Our trailer holds our bike in the back and is converted to living quarters in the front.


When I take photos on a trip I can almost always remember where I took each photo.  But this one is a mystery to me.  I think it is in Idaho but I honestly can’t remember!  Yikes!


On September 27 we unloaded the bike and went for a ride to Sandpoint for lunch.  We ate at a lovely little place that served the best pecan pie ever!  Later in the afternoon we went to a flea market in Spokane.  I have never been to a flea market before and have always wanted to check one out.  This was a small, very crowded one but it was fun nonetheless.  Purchased my first piece of ironstone there!  Yay!


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