The Shelving

I am not as far along on the shelving as I had hoped.  Life has been busy with work, babysitting, meetings, painting in my son’s house, and and and.  You get the picture.  All things I want to do so the shelving is sitting in my porch waiting for attention.

I decided (at this point anyway) to use a pine utility shelf.  The shelving that I have right now is stepped so the lower shelves are fairly wide but the upper ones are narrower.  I ordered a pine utility shelf from our store in a size I that was comparable.


The shelf that came is really well made, easy to put together and inexpensive.  It was made of rough pine though and I wanted it to be a little more finished looking.  So I switched it out with one I was using for storage at the store.  Not quite as well made but the boards were smoother.

I moved it into our porch and put on two coats of my favorite paint colour – milk jug.  Love this colour!  White but not quite.  I plan on getting some fabric to cover it but though I have an idea in my head of what I want I haven’t done any searching yet.


I am trying to change the way I work on projects.  Instead of trying to cram them into my schedule, I am trying to go the way of the tortoise.  Slow and steady.  And you still finish the race!  Have a great day my friends!


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