Snow, Snow, Snow

We have had a great amount of snow and wind in my area of Alberta over the last few days.  I floundered around outside for a few minutes yesterday to take some photos and then played around with editing in the evening.

Unlike what seems like most of the rest of the Photoshop world, I edit my photos with Corel’s Paintshop Pro X6.  And I have a plugin in the program that provides some cool effects such as a graduated fog.  I added that to this photo and it looks like it is still snowing!


In this photo I used a soft focus to take the hard edges off of the subject.


This photo is part of a photography class I am taking for December.  We were supposed to take a photo of what keeps us grounded.


Unlike the class in July which was all phone photography, this class is open to all kinds of cameras.  There is a new challenge for every day of December.  I think I might be crazy to add a class to the list of “to do’s” for the Christmas season but I am going to enjoy it anyway!

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