An Artwork Collage

My home is almost back in order since our renovation.  On Saturday I hung the last of the artwork that had come down when we painted the living room.

Our home is small so any artwork that goes on the walls is usually hung in groupings.  Above our sofa is a large space, just begging for a collection of interesting art.


When I have a group to hang, I try and lay them out on the floor or a table first to see how I would like them arranged before I hammer nails into the walls.  I had two items already on the wall that I didn’t want to move so I cut out a newspaper pattern and added it to the mix so that I had a good idea of the end result.



I like to leave at least an inch and a half to two inches between frames.  I also like to mix paintings, photos, prints, mirrors, architectural pieces… whatever I find that suits my fancy.  I use a level and a measuring tape in my calculations to make sure everything goes approximately where I want it.


This is the result of about an hour’s worth of work.  I have an etched piano key up there as well as a small chickadee sketch that my daughter did when she was young.  I don’t like the edges of the collage to be straight as it allows for more to be added if I desire later on.


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