Magazine Article #2!

I really have the sweetest husband.


I submitted an article to Motorcycle Mojo last year.  After some editing, they accepted it and said it would be published this year.  I promptly forgot about it.


Well yesterday, I was having a particularly trying day.  I don’t do well with constantly changing plans and yesterday was that day.


By mid-afternoon I was sitting in my hubby’s office getting ready to interview a prospective employee and whining about how my day had gone.  About 15 minutes before it was to begin he asked if I would run home and get him a belt.  For those of you who don’t know, we leave beside our business property.  I thought his request was strange but I hurried home and into the bedroom to find his belt.


Well, surprise surprise.  There on the bed was a bouquet of flowers and the magazine opened to my newly published article.  And the flowers were in a vase that I had admired when I was in the flower shop several weeks ago.  The florist had remembered!   It was a burst of sunshine in my day.


And he really hadn’t needed a belt.

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