Do you remember way back at the beginning of January I told you that I was going to pick a word for 2014.  And do you remember that I picked “gratitude”?  I was thinking about that today and wondering if I am truly practicing gratitude.


My family has had some tough days for the last 3 months.  Some health issues and some heart issues. Things that I have no control over.  Things that I wish I could find a solution for instead of waiting.  Things that are easier than what some people are going through and tougher than it may be for others.

And in all of this I think I have missed moments to be grateful.  Grateful for time spent with those I love.  Grateful for the love others demonstrate for me…over and over again.  Grateful for a warm home on these long blustery winter days.  Grateful for when the blustery stops and the sun comes out.

And grateful for simple everyday kind of joys.  A hot drink while doing devotions.  My breakfast of peanut butter on toast (who wouldn’t love that unless you have allergies?).  A book that makes me think and rejoice in my faith.  And a flower in a sugar bowl.


Thanks for listening to me my friends and I hope you have a blessed day!

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