Spring Green

We are having beautiful spring weather the last few days in my neck of the woods.  Everything is melting and muddy and wonderful!  We have had a few deer living in our yard for awhile so we have deer poop being exposed as the snow melts.  It’s everywhere but right now I don’t care!


Do you remember that I have begun collecting ironstone creamers?  Well, I was going to be a purist and collect just white.  But then a couple of spring green ones came up in my search and I decided to give them a try.


They are perfect for this time of year and maybe for around Christmas as well.  I love the colour.  Can you imagine some tulips cut a little shorter and leaning over the edge?



I used a spring green spider mum for a centerpiece on the table for hubby’s birthday meal. I stuffed it into a rose bowl and set a candle on either side.  I forgot to take a picture of the table in all the madness of that day but I thought I would show you how the flower looked.  A few of these would look great for a shower and wouldn’t be very expensive.


Is it too early to think spring green buds will soon appear? 🙂

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