A Step in the Right Direction

My new stepstool is all done!


I painted it with Home Hardware’s Beautitone paint in a soft yellow.  After the paint had dried, I sanded it with a course sanding sponge.  Let me tell you, that paint is tough!  I should have used a little power sander but I was too lazy to go out to the garage to use it.  So I scrubbed away at it by hand and actually like the way it turned out.  The sanding sponge was course enough that it left some scratches along with the edges that I wore away.


Then I used some walnut stain and rubbed it around until I like the look.  After the stain dried, I finished it off with a coat of wax.  And then I looked at a label that came with it and noticed a graphic that it said not to paint it!  I assume that is because it could be slippery if you aren’t careful.

I love how I turned out and I hope it will get knocked around even more at the cabin because of all the use it will get.


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