My Grandfather’s Guitar

When my grandfather passed away many years ago, I inherited his guitar.


My mom remembers him playing it in Germany.  He was an artist, both a writer and a musician though he didn’t earn a living as one.  He had a travel bug and when he moved his family to Canada, this guitar came with him.



I don’t think it is an expensive guitar.  But it is beautiful nonetheless.  It is worn from many years of use.  And I have finally purchased a nice soft resting place for it.  Those of you who are musicians would probably be horrified in the ways that I have displayed it over the years.



I used to think that maybe someday I would learn to play the guitar.  I don’t know if that will happen.  I kind of doubt it.  But maybe, somewhere down the line, one of his great great great grandchildren will discover it and bring it to life once again.

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