Painting the Cabin

When we were first married, we built a garage on my parent’s farm and lived in it for a few years with the intention that one day we would build a house there as well.  But life has a way of changing your plans and we ended up moving to the house beside our business.  Over the years the cabin has served as  a retreat to us or others and more recently as a fulltime home to various people that needed it.

Well, it is back to being a retreat and we have big plans.  We have changed out the interior doors from standard cheap painted mahogany (remember those old mahogany doors?) to a solid fir.  They are beautiful!

We are also going to paint.  The gold colour in the kitchen is becoming a soft yellow.  The green in the living room is turning into a soft blue.  The blue will also be going into the bedroom.  The hall and the bathroom?  Those colours are still up in the air.  I snapped a few photos with my phone to give you some idea of the changes (and the chaos) as we paint.


IMG_4006 IMG_4011


We are going to take our time and turn this cabin into a place where we can step out of life for brief moments and rest.

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