Planting a Pineapple

Back in February, some friends of ours brought us a pineapple from Hawaii back with them.  Now of course, fresh pineapple is so tasty.  But he also told us that if we twist off the top and put it in water, it would sprout roots.  And then if you plant it you can grow a pineapple.  Amazing!


So the top has sat in water for a couple of months and last time I checked it, I could see some roots.  I think.


On Wednesday I filled a large pot with soil and plunked the pineapple top into it.  I don’t know what depth to plant it or really how to care for it but I figure sun and water – like Hawaii.



The pineapple came in a basket woven from palm fronds.  It is drying nicely and will make a lovely addition to my basket collection.



I’ll let you know if the pineapple grows.  Stay tuned!

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