Osoyoos Days 7 and 8

Though we started the morning in Osoyoos, we ended the day in Revelstoke.  We decided to split the drive home into 2 shorter drives.

The drive through the cities of Kelowna and the surrounding area is not fun hauling a trailer.  But, if you don’t go in the craziness of summer, it is still better than an extra hour or two the other way.  We stopped at Mara Lake just south of Sicamous for lunch.  We love the Shuswap area and return here every summer for a week or so.


Once we got to Revelstoke  and had set up camp we decided to head towards Nakusp.  The heated vests were a plus on this ride, especially on the way back to Revy.


We took the ferry over the lake to continue on to Nakusp.




Nakusp seemed like a quiet, sleepy little town, though in the summer I’m sure it is much busier.  We didn’t get a chance to really explore though as the sun was going down.


This waterfall is at a rest stop before you get to the ferry.  The ferry runs every hour so we had some time and decided to stop for some photos.


We also saw these lily-like flowers in the boggy areas.  Any ideas as to what they are?


The next day we headed home.  It was a great trip and we would love to explore the area more in the future.  So if you have any good biking ideas, let us know!

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