My Hollandaise Journey

Now doesn’t that sound like the most exciting title you ever read?

For those of you who love to cook and know everything there is to know about cooking, you will probably be bored by this post.

My hollandaise journey began many years ago.  At least over 23 years ago.  One day, I made hollandaise sauce with a recipe from my Home Ec class cookbook.  Ya, Home Ec was a long time ago.  It turned out really well and it seemed like a no brainer.  Well, I was wrong.  The next time I tried it, it curdled.  And I can’t remember trying to make it from scratch ever since.  A few years ago we discovered hollandaise sauce in a package and voila!  Easy and yummy.

But a couple of days ago I was watching the movie Julie and Julia and Julie made hollandaise sauce from scratch.  I was inspired and decided to give it another try.  I found a recipe on the web, discarding the one in the Home Ec cookbook.


I cracked eggs.  And got distracted taking photos of the eggshells.


I beat the eggs and lemon juice together.


I melted the butter.


And slowly added it to the egg mixture heating in a double boiler.


And after it thickened, I added some salt and cayenne.


And you know what?  It wasn’t hard at all!

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