A Berry Bowl

Can you believe it is already June 20?  This year is flying by!  I am so sad that the days start getting shorter after tomorrow.  Our long winter has made me crave the sunlight.


I purchased this berry bowl the other day.  It is some kind of ceramic though it has the look of the old green cardboard berry packaging of years ago.  Kind of nostalgic with a twist.


The price was more than I usually would spend but I have been eyeing them for some time and they never seem to go on sale.


Its home will be at the cabin with all of the other blue dishes.  I have a pottery berry bowl at home that I use all of the time (summer or winter).  I’m hoping this one will be used as much on those relaxing days at the cabin.  You know…cutting down trees, stacking logs, fixing fences, spreading gravel, planting, mowing…

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