A Chair for the Cabin Reveal

I was surprised how easy it was to slipcover our new chair.  I started with removing the legs by pulling the plugs and taking the screws out.  I suppose that this isn’t truly a slipcover because I took the legs off and then screwed them back on through the cover rather than making the cover go around the legs.



For most of the pieces I took measurements but for the side, I laid the fabric (already washed and dried) on the side of the chair and drew around it.


The pieces fit together pretty easily though the top corners were not my finest work.



With the legs off, it was easier to work on the project with the chair sitting on the top of a little end table.  It put it at a great height and let any excess fabric hang without pooling on the floor.



I sprayed the legs with white matte spray paint, in between sewing the pieces together and then rubbed on some beeswax to give a silky finish.


I added extra interfacing where I knew the screws would go back through.  The back fabric was quite tight but I left the seat slouchy enough to take the strain of sitting on without ripping the fabric where the screws went through.  I stuck pins in the chair to line up the holes in the legs.


I had to paint some new plugs as I trashed the ones that were in it while I was prying them out.


I don’t know what I was thinking taking photos of the completed chair in the bright sunlight.  Oh well, you get the idea.  I added a band of blue to match some of the quilt fabric and a couple of wood buttons I had on hand for a cute finishing detail.




If I were to do it again, I would make the back more slouchy as well.  I think it would look more intentional that way.  But overall, I love how it turned out!

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