Peony Questions

I love peonies.  I have probably mentioned that before.  They are a magnificent flower.  As I walk around town or tour Instagram, the peonies are in full bloom or are already finished blooming.  But not mine.  This is how my peonies look.


Question number one is – is there anybody else out there whose peonies have not bloomed?


Question number two – is it true that peonies need ants to bloom?  The buds are often covered with ants.


And finally, can anyone tell me what happened to this poor bud.  It looks like something has been eating it.  Or maybe it was defective in some way.


My lilies are blooming now though, and they are spectacular!



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3 thoughts on “Peony Questions

  1. eileen

    my plant in front are in bloom but in the back garden do not even have buds 🙁 – r your plants newly planted? i do know for them to bloom properly or at all they can’t be planted too deep. i have always had ants on mine. i bet jan at bearberry creek greenhouse would have the answer for you

    1. the general store Post author

      Mine have been in the current location for about 5 years now. I think the move prior to that slowed them down. And they are in a garden bed instead of up against the house so that may have something to do with it.

  2. Pat Holmes

    My buds are pretty much in the same condition as yours, they are always a bit slower to bloom than other places. I read somewhere that they do not need ants to open them, but that the ants are attracted to them for whatever they are looking for, again the brain can’t quite remember….. lol As for your sick bloom, no idea. 🙂