The Table Saga Continues

More on the table today.  I know, you arewanting something new and exciting but that table is consuming my free time!

As noted before, I finished stripping the finish off of the top of the table.  I filled the cracks and brushed on a coat of polyurethane with stain mixed in it.  Yuck!


Look at those streaks and the patchiness.  So, I decided to add another coat to even things out.  It looked a bit better.


Maybe a third coat would do the trick.  NOPE!


Check out these little spots that showed up no matter how much I tried to attack them.


So Saturday evening I stripped the finish and sanded again.  After getting some advice from a floor finisher, I used a wood conditioner to help the wood accept the stain more evenly.  Conditioned wood is on the left.


I had hopes and applied the stain to one of the leaves.  It looked lovely when wet but when I wiped it off it was mottled from the different grains of the wood accepting the stain differently.  I must admit that my friend did warn me that might happen but said it can look kind of rustic.


I am currently debating whether I like the rustic look of this or if I should go with a clear finish.  What do you think?

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