Shuswap Vacation Part 2

We had a few visitors on the lake for the first couple of days and then it was just us for 4 full days.  We spend much of our time on the houseboat and in the water swimming.  But once in awhile we head out in our boat to tour the lake.  It really is a beautiful location!  I haven’t seen any other lake quite like it.



Of course sunrises and sunsets are amazing.  No matter how many times I photograph them I can’t get enough of it.




One of my favorite things to do is to sit up top and watch the day end.  Usually there are a myriad of dragonflies flitting around.  This poor guy didn’t make it.


We decided to try something new this trip.  We rented a paddle board from Sicamous.  The channel at Sicamous has a variety of services available right at the shore or a short walk from it.


Les found that his back couldn’t handle the first few minutes of trying to steady himself.  And it didn’t make sense to wreck his back for the rest of the trip.  I on the other hand really enjoyed it.  Except for one time when I was farther from the houseboat.  Branches started breaking in the forest but, because it is so thick, I couldn’t see what it was.  It got my heart thumping and I was sure to paddle farther from shore for awhile!


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