Shuswap Vacation Part 3

Whew what a busy day today!  I am finally getting around to posting the last few pictures I wanted to share from our Shuswap trip.  It took me awhile to unwind on this holiday so I didn’t get out with my DSLR camera to focus on photography until the end of the week.

The beach we were on was filled with boulders on either side of our houseboat.  They were quite beautiful.


Of course, when on a lake you have to play with photos in the water right?



The beaches also have many logs that have drifted up on to them from higher water levels.  They are so fascinating to me – the bark, the patterns in the wood, even how they are laying on the beach.




And as always, I took a few vegetation photos.  I don’t know how many cedar photos I have taken over the years.




So there you have it.  Another houseboating vacation has come and gone.  If you get a chance (and if you don’t get seasick) I would highly recommend this vacation experience.

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