In the Corner

When our kids were little, we were able to spend quite a bit of time on the weekend at our cabin.  It only has one bedroom so for a time we divided it into two tiny rooms with bunk beds in one for our kids.  Les built a beautiful ladder out of cedar for them to be able to get into the top bunk.  Years later we took out the wall and the bunks and had no use for the ladder.  I couldn’t throw it away because it was so beautiful so it hung around trying to be useful but usually not succeeding.  Until now…


I dug it out of the shed the other day and inspiration struck!  We have a corner in our patio at home where we tried to grow a cedar.  We didn’t succeed, unfortunately, but it left a space for the ladder.  And a whole bunch of other goodies to find a home.


The saucepan that I planted a succulent in is now living here.


As is the coffee pot with the hens and chicks.


I bought this pot awhile ago.  I’m thinking another succulent would look great in it.  Maybe next year.


I purchased a hydrangea plant from the grocery store in the spring.  After it finished blooming, I planted it in this corner and surprise, surprise it looks like it is going to bloom again.


We are also growing a tomato plant in a pot close by and I’m looking forward to eating the tomatoes off of it when they ripen.  As long as the deer don’t get them first….


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