Around the Garden Part 1

I was going through some of my photos the other day and found so many from my garden that I didn’t share with you.  I waded through them and picked some of my favorites.  Of course, there were quite a few so I will do some today and some for my next post.

Today’s are from early July.  I had poppies blooming this year in several different colours.  These aren’t the big oriental poppies.  They are smaller ones that bloomed in white and orange and yellow.




I also had some columbine plants that I had ruthlessly pulled out and discarded from my previous garden.  They seed themselves like crazy and I didn’t want to deal with that in this tiny garden.  Somehow, they have shown up after several years.  Don’t ask me how.  So, I let them bloom, photographed them, and then once again, ruthlessly pulled them out.


And who can resist these little violets?  They pop up all over the garden and I let them do their own thing.  The columbines are jealous I’m sure.  🙂




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