Paving Stone Patio Part 1

Last year we started a paving stone patio.  “We” meaning Les.  We had a small piece of treated wood decking joining our covered deck (which we are currently ripping apart) and the back raised deck (on which our pumpkins reside).  We pulled that off and Les dug out a place for the new patio.   He filled it with sand and tamped it down making sure it was level and slightly sloped away from the house.



We chose a charcoal coloured edge stone that was different than the charcoal paving stones but they worked well together.


The next step was to lay the edge pavers on the sand.


Then he added more sand and tamped it until it was the height he needed it to be.  Having a solid base for paving stone is essential.  It cannot be missed.


Next – laying the stones.

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