It Was Worth the Wait

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at the hospital here is Sundre. My mom needed to be seen by a doctor so we went to emergency and waited for approximately 5 hours before they could tend to her.  She is fine but I would like to give you 2 reasons why I was grateful for the time we spent there.  That’s right – grateful.

First of all, I appreciate the fact that patients who enter the emergency room in our hospital are prioritized. If my mom had been having a heart attack she would have been hustled right into a room and given immediate care from the staff.  Her situation was not critical so we waited.  It might not have been the most exciting thing to do on a Sunday afternoon except:

I GOT TO SPEND 5 HOURS WITH MY MOM! Yup, that’s right.  5 hours to discuss whatever topic came to mind.  A chance to reminisce and talk about what is happening in the world, what is happening with those we love and on and on.  She amazes me with her intelligence and generosity and her fierce loyalty to her family.


So I am grateful. And treasure every minute that I get to share with her.

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