On Turning 50

I am 50. My birthday was back in July but I just haven’t known what to say about this milestone.  What have I learned?  Or at least, am in the process of learning. IMG_6047 God is first. If you don’t know Him, you need to meet Him.  My life is built on Him.  I am here to become more like Him but realize it is a lifelong journey.

We make decisions based on the information we have at the time. If you made a choice, which ended badly, but made that decision based on the information available at that moment, you did your best.  Don’t beat yourself up.

Try to look beyond hurtful words to see the intent of what someone says or does. Sometimes, they do mean to hurt.  But more often than not, what was said was not meant to cause pain.

Sometimes, it pays to have a nap instead of trying to push through. You will get more done, and done better, if you are rested.

Pain changes us. When you go through a trying time, you become a different person.  And hopefully, a better and wiser one.

Grandchildren are a blessing! Any of you out there who have grandchildren know what I mean.  Mine call me “Grammy” and it is an honour to have that title.

The years when my children were home were some of the best in my life. I love them with a fierce love.  But these years in our empty nest are just as wonderful.  Les is my best friend and I am grateful for all of the memories we are making now.

We were told growing up that we could “have it all”. I don’t believe that.  It is physically impossible.  In this country we have so many choices that it is mind boggling.  But you can’t do everything at once.  If you try, something or someone will be sacrificed.  So choose your priorities for each stage of your life.

Wow! I had more to say than I thought I would.  Other than the first one, they are not in any order of importance.  And I’m sure throughout the day I will think of many more.  Some maybe more important.  But I will end with – laugh lots!  It truly makes this journey better.

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2 thoughts on “On Turning 50

  1. Darlene West

    Thank you for that Michele that’s a great testimony from a lovely lady. I, 100% agree on number one. You are as beautiful at 50 as you were at 19 and I believe the priorities and life choices you have made in life contribute to that. Many blessings to you Michele and a belated Happy Birthday.